24/7 Online

Our servers are running in Europe with NO-LAGG and 24/7 online.

Many Gamemodes

We have a lot of servers such as: PvP, Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Arcade, Prison, Objective defence!, Kit-PvP and much much more!

A lot of players

We have a lot of players playing in our network! you can always make friends and survival or fight together!

Latest news

    CCMMO v5.0 and new HUB

    Dear players,

    Today We are working on CCMMO version 5.0. last night our lobby was hacked. all the other servers are still intact and nothing there is changed.

    New things:
    • NEW hub
    • NEW skyblock server
    • NEW Kit-PvP server
    • NEW Votesystem with amount of votes and topvoter list

    All new information will be posted here because our Forums are down to due an error in our MySQL server.
    - MySQL server reinstalled.
    - HUB server is done.

    New vote month, COUPON CODE and Pets

    Hi players!

    The new votemonth has begun and the votes are reseted on the serverlists. VOTE NOW to get the best rewards and a mobspawner!!

    Vote link: https://www.creepercraftmmo.net/vote

    This month (June) we have a new Coupon code the get 10% discount on all your donations! Use the coupon: "SALEJUNE" to get 10% discount.

    Pets in lobby
    Since today the pets are back and all the donation ranks can use it. For a list of the pets you can use, look at the webstore and click on the rank you have.

    Soon we want to install the pets plugins also on the survival and skyblock server!

    SSL Connection!

    Hello everyone!

    Since today May, 20 we have a secure SSL connection on our website! Our site is now safer for all our members and it safe when you use a public WiFi hotspot or on 3G and 4G networks.
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