24/7 Online

Our servers are running in Europa with NO-LAGG and 24/7 online.

Many Gamemodes

We have a lot of servers such as: PvP, Survival, Skyblock, Creative, Arcade, Prison, ZombieCore, Kit-PvP and much much more!

A lot of players

We have a lot of players playing in our network! you can always make friends and survival or fight together!

Last news

Servers updated to 1.7.6 - 1.7.7 - 1.7.8

by _ItsCreepy_

We've updated all our servers to 1.7.6 - 1.7.7 - 1.7.8! You can join our network with minecraft 1.7.2 to 1.7.8.

Upcoming 1.8
Soon Mojang is going to release minecraft 1.8. We don't recommend to update to this version of minecraft. In 1.8 you can change your minecraft name, We also don't recommend this, if you have a rank and you change your name you don't have your rank anymore!

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Staff applications are open!

by _ItsCreepy_

The staff applications are opened! you can fill in your details here: Click here to start your application

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Minecraft 1.7.6 and 1.7.7

by _ItsCreepy_

Hi there,
Tomorrow April 9 2014 Minecraft 1.7.6 is going to be released, don't update until the server gets 1.7.6!

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